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Boring is a creative design lab.

We design ugly & beautiful product. We tell sad & happy story. We create wired & wonderful experiences. We love simple & complex project.



Boring Lab is a place to pushes my idea to a new level I haven't seen before.

Besides the work, I like to play with designers, writers, teacher, filmmakers, animators, producers, creative technologists, and much more.

We design ugly & beautiful products.

We tell sad & happy stories.

We create weird & wonderful experiences.

We accept simple & complex projects.


Hsiu Chi Kuo - Sam

I am a Creative Designer. Currently working at Intertrend Communications.

Graduated from the Department of MA Advertising and Branded Media Technology, Academy of Art University. I focus on creating conceptual advertising & creative content by combining design & tech.

I'm originally from Taiwan, but now I'm living in (Japan, Canada, German, Australia, UK, New York City San Francisco ) LA now. I have traveled over 25 countries, and those experience let me use various angle to create wired or enjoyable experience. I have a comfortable backpack, and I love to bring my Mac Book or IPad Pro to anywhere, like cafes shop, library, park, hotel basically anyplace I feel comfortable. The only stuff I need which is stable - internet so I can keep connecting with my work or people.

I always push to design anything and explore new boundaries. I’m also a person with a really curious mind. I never limit myself to just one creative field. I love to ask Why? Why? Why? Some may see it as annoying, but to me it is curiosity. I also love to Try! Try! Try! If you don't feel that experience, how can you design those experiences to public?



Young Glory 2017/18 Student World Champions / Second overall
Young Glory / Bronze (April)
Young Glory / Gold (March)
Young Glory / Bronze (December)
Spring Show / Gold - Single Media - Academy of Art University



If you’re curious about my work, interested in cooperating, or would just want to say hi, don't hesitate to contact me!