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AR Scavenger Hunt


Toyota - AR Scavenger Hunt


#Interactive #AR / 2019 - August



How can we let audiences has in-car experience without they realize ?

Toyota wants audiences to have in-car experience and catch people eyes in KCON2019 LA. KCON is a Korean pop culture convention and concert held annually in New York and Los Angeles. The event continues to grow each year as the popularity of Korean pop culture content expands in the Asian American segment and beyond. Nearly 130,000 fans attend the New York and Los Angeles events combined.



What is the better way to highlight the features of the all-new Nightshade Edition Toyota Corolla & Corolla Hatchback ?

We create an AR scavenger hunt utilizing the Corolla. Users will use their device cameras to find hidden “>” symbols throughout the vehicle. Each symbol will unlock an AR challenge specific to each feature of 2020 Corolla.

After the experience, people share the fun and interactieve AR filter on their own social media, also can keep the Toyota AR filter in their social account.

A_room_no people.jpg
A room_no people.jpg


New York & Los Angeles



Client: Toyota

Executive Director of Emerging Technology Group: Mathura Huang ( Intertrend Inc.)

Head Designer : Hsiu Chi Kuo ( Intertrend Inc.)

Project Manager: Yu Rankin ( Intertrend Inc.)

Creative Technologist: Suibi Weng (Freelance)

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