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Intertrend_web - Redesign

Intertrend Website - Redesign

#Website / 2019 - June


Redesign & Reorganize the website for Intertrend.

Intertrend is a multicultural agency that understands the intersection of culture, emerging trends, and the interaction between brands and consumers.

In this project, the purpose is to redesign the website through Intertrend brand value and reorganize and review all the content.

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Weather & Contact

The weather is an interactive fun element. Base on the Intertrend's office local weather will change the statement on the contact page.


Shape & Graphic

Shapes and lines can be incorporated into different design patterns. These are most useful for enhancing the Intertrend visual language: agile, impassioned, intersectional, and proud.

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Designer : Hsiu Chi Kuo

Executive Director of Emerging Technology Group: Mathura Huang ( Intertrend Inc.)

Project Manager: Yu Rankin ( Intertrend Inc.)

Website Developer lead: Carlos Battilana (AMAUTAINC)

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