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Slot Machine - Year of the Pig


Slot Machine - Year of the Pig 2019


#Interactive #SlotMachine #Installation / 2019 - January

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Celebration Chinese 2019 Lunar New Year

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Giant, interactive slot machine in Downtown celebrates the Year of the Pig.

A giant slot machine was chosen for the 2019 Lunar New Year storefront installation to represent qualities of prosperity and generosity which are closely tied to the year of the pig. The street-level interactive window display leveraged LED screens to create the look of a Las Vegas slot machine. A lever mounted to the building façade helped recreate the feel of the slot machine, and to encourage community engagement through a very clear call to action. Pedestrians were encouraged participate, and winners were selected at random when three culturally relevant symbols matched. Lucky winners received a coupon to redeem ice cream at a local eatery where the ice cream packaging was adorned with our Lunar New Year designed ensuring cohesive messaging. This highly successful installation merged futuristic technology, current society, and ancient Chinese cultural insight to deliver a fun and engaging installation.

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Pig symbolize wealth and prosperity.

The pig is the twelfth of all zodiac animals, people often believe golden pig will bring them fortune generation after generations.  

  • The golden pineapple Icon: Represents fortune, making it a popular symbol during Lunar New Year.

  • Pig Icon: 2019 is the Year of the Pig and final zodiac sign in the 12-year cycle. Pigs symbolize wealth and prosperity.

  • Intertrend Icon: Intertrend is an award-winning multicultural advertising powerhouse. Intertrend showcases creative installations annually that celebrate the Lunar New Year.

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USA - Long Beach



Client: Intertrend

Executive Director of Emerging Technology Group: Mathura Huang ( Intertrend Inc.)

Production Director: Joyce Lu ( Intertrend Inc.)

Art Director / Designer : Hsiu Chi Kuo ( Intertrend Inc.)

Production Artist: Jeff Ma ( Intertrend Inc.)

Copywriter: Aaron Yang ( Intertrend Inc.)

Creative Technologist: Suibi Weng

3D Designer: Tzu Tzu Lee

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